Black Ice Injuries

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The single most deadly item of winter: black ice. Black ice is better at hiding than a chameleon. It doesn't need to be covered by snow; it blends perfectly against the pavement, at worst looking like a wet spot on the road. What's more, this seemingly innocuous form of frozen water, can cause an unimaginable array of damage.


Stepping on a patch of black ice can leave a body a few bruises, if the person is lucky. It is also possible to slip on a patch and be left with broken legs, or even a broken spine. Upon involving a car, the scale of damage increases tenfold. The lucky survivor will drive away with a racing heart while the unlucky driver may just end up dead.


Alaska accident lawyers have seen it all.  These men and women have run the gamut from a bruised tailbone to a life sentence as a paraplegic. They have also learned to offer preventative measures as far as black ice goes. One of the simplest, and yet most effective safety precautions is to simply put snow chains on your tires. These chains will break through that deceptively thin layer of ice, giving your vehicle better traction on treacherous roads.


And why would you need an auto accident lawyer for hitting black ice? Simple; insurance companies would like to put any accident down as entirely your fault. There are no such things as extenuating circumstances to them, only who to blame. However, in cases involving black ice, it becomes that much more imperative that you find an auto accident lawyer who will fight for your rights. These professionals make the process of getting back on your feet faster and less painful to your wallet. Every insurance company has a series of loopholes that a trained accident attorney knows how to avoid.


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Black Ice Injuries

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This article was published on 2010/12/21