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Ice fishing is a type of fishing that involves cutting through a frozen over lake during the winter months to fish. Many species of fish remain actively seeking food during the winter months, allowing a year round fishing opportunity to anglers. Ice fishing is not for everyone, however. The name describes the challenges you will face. A frozen over lake can be a bleak place to be in the cold winter months. Along with frostbite and hypothermia, other dangers include falling through thin ice.

For those brave enough to participate in ice fishing, the rewards can be immense. Pulling a large fish through a tiny hole in the ice is an exhilarating rush. There are some essential gear items that you will need when ice fishing. First of all, you will need an ice auger. It can be motorized or hand operated. An ice auger will drill a hole through the thick ice and allow you to drop in your line.

Along with an auger, you will want a small-holed net to fish forming ice from your hole on occasion. To protect yourself form the elements, an ice fishing tent is a great piece of ice fishing gear to have. A tent will protect you from the biting wind and the cold outside, and allow you fish in some minor comfort. Plenty of layers will also add to your comfort, along with some good gloves. Hand warmers are handy for when you have to handle a fish from the water.

Ice fishing gear is different from most other types of fishing gear and fly tying equipment. The rods are smaller since you won't need to cast. Be ready for a fight once you hook a fish, and patiently coax it up through your hole. To recap, your ice fishing gear list should look something like this:

  • Auger
  • Net
  • Tent
  • Warm clothes and gloves
  • Fishing rig

As always, happy fishing!

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Ice Fishing Gear List

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Ice Fishing Gear List

This article was published on 2013/04/12