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You've probably seen those inexpensive little cubes of ice made out of frozen water but have you ever seen the cubes of plastic that look like cubes of ice? Those things are appropriately called plastic ice cubes and they are awesome!

Think about it: plastic ice cubes don't add water to your drink so the drink tastes better. If you drop a plastic based ice cube it doesn't get anything wet. You need no water to make a plastic made ice cube. Unlike plain water, plastic comes in a rainbow of opaque and translucent colors so you can have cubes of many different colors just like Joseph had with that coat of his in the Old Testament. One popular use for plastic ice cubes is for outdoor dinners where wine is served. While it is hard to keep wine cool enough outside in the summer, plastic type ice cubes save the day.

But consider this: Millions of regular, normal, straight-laced people use regular cubes made of ice. You know, the boring mass of sheep you see blindly following the herd around.

Perhaps their lives are little more than a clear cube of ice which eventually melts and evaporates and leaves no trace. Plastic made ice cubes live much more exciting lives because they can be used over and over again, and when their useful life is over it takes the earth thousands and thousands of years to eliminate the traces of them. Wouldn't you rather be a plastic ice cube? I know I would. If you're in the market for more stabilized version of the classic water ice cube, the plastic ice cube is worth a look.

Besides coming in many colors (including flashing colors!), they also come in various shapes, and there are also companies that will custom mold plastic ice cubes to customer specifications.

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Plastic ice cubes

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Plastic Ice Cubes

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This article was published on 2010/04/01