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There are different kinds of ice makers. In most homes, the refrigerator is the most common type of ice maker. Under-the-counter varieties are also common in homes. However, homes that require large amounts of ice and commercial kitchens opt for independent, stand alone units.
Commercial ice makers are powerful self-contained units or units that may be attached to storage bins to accommodate expanding requirements. Typically, the ice makers used in homes make about 12 pounds of ice per day. However, in commercial kitchens, some of the ice makers are so huge that they produce thousands of pounds of ice every day. So, there are different kinds of ice makers available to meet different needs of the home or business.

In commercial kitchens, dispensers are the most common kinds of ice makers. There are many commercial dispensing styles of ice machines. For instance, there are free-standing dispensers, countertop dispensers and touch-free dispensers. Countertop dispensers are generally found in all large establishments where food is sold. Most ice makers of this category produce up to several hundred pounds of ice a day. These ice makers are very hardy and are built to weather high usage conditions. Counter top ice makers are generally modular while self contained units have the ice maker and the storage bin in one unit. So, in the modular units, the ice that is produced must be stored elsewhere. In huge kitchens, it is advisable to go for large scale ice makers that work with a central refrigeration system. These systems must be fed with water continuously to produce large amounts of ice.

The price of ice makers depends largely on the volume of output. A reasonably large, free-standing ice dispensing unit may cost as much as $2,000 but the price goes up with increase in volume of ice produced and number of extra features. It is common to come across several energy and time saving features like indicators that come handy for troubleshooting and electronic interface to monitor functioning of the unit.

In small establishments, it is common to see under-counter ice makers. Before purchasing such an ice maker, it is necessary to ensure that the icemaker fits into the designated space. Under-counter ice makers are self-contained units that can both make ice and store it too. Depending on the size, there is a wide variation in the cost of under-counter ice making units. Under counter ice making units are available in different decors to match different interiors. Many under counter ice making units make use of a water recycling system.

Commercial ice makers are generally stylish and made in stainless steel. In addition to great looks, these commercial machines also have corrosion resistant parts and adjustable thermostats. Many of the commercial ice makers have features that make it easy to clean, like easy to clean parts and removable panels.

Many people like to shop for ice makers by brand. There is a wide variety of products and prices may start as low as $1,000. As size and the number of features go up, the price of the ice maker also climbs. Some of the largest commercial ice makers cost more than $7,000 per unit.
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Types Of Ice Makers

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