What Is Ice Fishing?

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Many people who are not from colder climates may be wondering what is ice fishing? Well, it is a sport that involves trying to catch fish from a frozen body of water. This can be a risky activity if the ice is not completely frozen. It must also be thick enough to withstand the weight of the fisherman. Before you can begin ice fishing, you must first create a hole in the ice in order to have access to the water below. Most people use a saw to cut the hole.

Most people that enjoy ice fishing bring along a stool to sit by the hole they have created. They must layer their clothing and wear a large winter coat to prevent hypothermia in some locations. Others may keep warm by fishing within a cabin that has been built on the ice. These structures are known as ice shanties, fish houses, and ice huts. They are generally used on ice fishing trips that last several days. They are typically created elsewhere and then brought in with the use of a snowmobile.

Those that asked the questions, what is ice fishing, should know that special equipment is needed to perform this hobby. As mentioned, a saw is needed to create a hole in the ice. An ice auger or space can also be used if a saw is not available. A strainer is also a good tool for ice fisherman. This helps to remove any new ice that may form over the hole as the fishing is occurring. The rods and reels used for ice fishing vary greatly depending on the different fish the fisherman would like to catch.

Additional equipment may be used by those that fish under ice frequently. If you are very serious about catching some fish while on the ice, you can use a special sonar that will inform you of how deep the water is in the area in which you are fishing. There are also underwater cameras that will withstand the frigid temperatures and allow you to see the fish that are in the area. It is always interesting to be able to watch the fish you are trying to catch while ice fishing.

It is important to note that ice fishing can be a very dangerous sport. This is especially true for those that are not very experienced in the activity. It is important that you take along a friend or guide that knows a lot about icefishing the first few times you do it. If not, you run the risk of getting frostbite or hypothermia. Other hazard is the potential of carbon monoxide poisoning from the improper use of heaters.

Hopefully this information answers the question, what is ice fishing? It is a unique sport that can be enjoyed in the coldest locations in the world. Some people use it as a source of food, especially if they reside in these freezing places. Others simply take a trip north in order to take pleasure in the activity that has been performed for centuries.
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What Is Ice Fishing?

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This article was published on 2010/10/22